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Banaras - A world in itself

Banarasi Saree
KASHI…...listening to this name brings a feeling of respect, sanctity, and calmness to one’s soul. The holy vibes of this city not only create a desire among people to live here but also, they crave to take their last breath in this serene place as it is believed that the people who die in Kashi attain Moksha (Salvation).


The first name this city was known by is Kashi, having its root from Sanskrit word "KAS" meaning "to shine". The city lights up the darkness of every soul. In the modern times it is more commonly known as Varanasi, Benares or Banaras which is an ancient city on the north coast of river Ganga. This city in Uttar Pradesh has an astonishing history and the spellbound charm of this city makes every wandering heart one of its own. Moreover, Varanasi has its name from two tributaries of Maa Ganga-Varuna and Assi that forms the border of this city.

Banarasi Saree  

The city is considered to be blessed by Lord Shiva. The most commonly used greeting is Har Har Mahadev and this is how the vibes of Bholenath are continuously incorporated in every moment. This is a written fact in our sacred scriptures that Kashi is instituted on Lord Shiva's Trishul. It is even referred to as ‘SHIV KI NAGRI’ as it was the humble abode of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvathi.This city takes pride in its immensely rich culture and values which is deeply imbedded in the hearts of its residents.


Banarasi Saree

 Banaras ki jaan hai yahan ke Ghat aur Maa Ganga ka sparsh. The scenic beauty of the river side ghats along with the flowing holy river ganga especially during the morning has a powerful positive vibe, portraying heaven on earth. Thousand of tourists from across the globe visit Banaras to witness the centuries old tradition of sacred ganga aarti. The well coordinated high pitch delivery of Sanskrit shlokas and ringing of bells renders a splendid experience, purifying the soul and the ambience.


 Banarasi Saree

Kashi, also known as the City of Temples, is famous for its myriad temples and lanes (Galiyan). Kashi Vishwanath Temple is one among the 12 Jyotirlingas, the holiest of Lord Shiva.


Banarasi Saree

 Khaane ke mamle mein bhi banaras ka koi jawaab nahi. The streets of the city have a wide variety of offerings for all kinds of palates. The speciality of our Banarasi Food ranges from Vishwanath gali ki kachori, sabji and jalebi to rabri-malai, Laxmi ka chai-toast, malaiyo, lassi, choti kachodi and golgappe. This city portrays a very different picture of hustle-bustle that starts early in the morning and continues till late night.


Banarasi Saree

 One of the oldest University of Asia named Banaras Hindu university (BHU) is instituted here. People from all over the world crave to be a part of this world-renowned university.


Banarasi Saree 

Moreover, Varanasi is especially known for its Banarasi Silk Sarees which ranks amongst the top silk sarees made in india offered by the skilled artisans of this holy city.





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