Banarasi Saree


Silk Kothi is Truly Banarasi, adorning womanhood with silk. We have a legacy of more than 5 decades in this Banaras Handloom Industry and are associated with more than 5000 weavers working day and night to ensure that we come up with something new and unique every day to make a mark in Women's Fashionwear internationally. As the demand of time, we have made our presence in the digital world to spread and promote Banarasi handwoven products to every corner of the world.


We are committed to using organic silk and promoting sustainable fashion wear. Each carefully crafted piece reflects the vintage charm of the era ended and beautifully infuses with contemporary design and motifs, involving years of learned skills, passion, enthusiasm, commitment, and sincerity. All of our creations are made to cater to every woman and thus, we keep the pricing modest enough to accommodate all dreams, big and small.



Based on valuable feedback from our customers, and ever-changing fashion trends, we shall continue to work towards keeping our customers delighted and our weavers busy without any change to the faith and standard associated with Silk Kothi.

Banarasi Saree In India
Silk Kothi requests you to promote the use of handwoven sarees not only because it creates a strong visual statement and a distinct identity for the Indian women in this globalized world but also to provide a decent livelihood to our artisans and to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Banaras.
At Silk Kothi, creativity, artistry and quality are supreme & formost.