With the passing era, the pure silk fabric market has widened a lot and forgery in this industry is even growing at a faster rate. Our innocent customers sometimes get trapped and cheated because of the lack of knowledge regarding the identification of pure silk fabric.
We are providing you with some basic tips on how to identify pure silk saree from that of artificial/art silk saree because we want you to be smart enough while buying pure banarasi.
Bleach Test - Pure Silk or Mulberry Silk dissolves 100% in bleach.
Artificial Silk or Polyester does not change.
Burn Test - Pure Silk burns with transparency and smells like burnt hair and the burned part is crispy and could even be crushed into ashes. Pure Silk burns slowly when it comes in contact with fire but won’t catch fire and stops burning instantly when the flame is removed.
Artificial silk crumbles while burning, smells like burning plastic & will drip forming a black ball of residue which is not ash. It can catch fire and continues to burn with high flames even after the fire is removed.
Warmth Test - Pure silk gives a warm feeling when rubbed with fingers.
Artificial or synthetic silk does not give that warmth feeling when rubbed with fingers.
Lustre Test - Pure silk color looks different from different angles.
Artificial silk gives a white shine no matter from whatever angle you see.
Weave Test - Pure silk fabric carries irregularity and has a rough texture & this is what makes it unique.
Artificial silk is even throughout the fabric and gives a finished look.
Ring Test - Pure Silk is flexible & smooth in nature so it can easily slip out from ring (applicable on light silk only).
Artificial or synthetic silk won’t be able to pass through finger ring. It will bunch up and may even at times get stuck in the ring.

Silk Kothi endeavors every attempt to make our customers aware about the various types of banarasi silk fabrics, the techniques & patterns, the identification of pure fabric so that you always end up buying the best banarasi's.