BANARASI GEORGETTE SAREES: Timeless pieces of art

BANARASI GEORGETTE SAREES: Timeless pieces of art

The Banarasi Indian saree scene is set apart by numerous varieties with a wide selection of fabrics and textures. The banarasi georgette sarees , a sheer lightweight fabric regularly made of silk, is a class apart. These are the show stoppers of most Indian weddings and gatherings alike.

The complexity behind the workmanship involved in making a banarasi georgette sarees in Varanasi  is second to none. Originally made from silk, georgette is made with highly twisted yarns. Its characteristic crinkly surface is created by alternating silk yarns in both the wrap and the weft. Banarasi khaddi georgette sarees are among the finest sarees in India and are known for its rich use of zari and are available in all hues.

The meenakari banarasi georgette sarees have a different fan following all together. They are both trendy and traditional at the same time. It involves the process of using one or more colors of resham threads at the time of weaving. Another variety is the one which involves the perfect blend of zari and resham threads during the weaving process. It is the most beautiful canvas denoting the artistic tradition of Banaras and the endless painstaking hours of sheer meticulous craftsmanship. This is a must have in every bride’s trousseau collection. 

Coming back to banrasi georgette sarees and banarasi georgette sarees in Hyderabad ; Silk Kothi houses the best khaddi drapes to match with your taste and budget. A banarasi georgette saree is a piece of art and to own it is like making an investment for your generations to come. Get on to our Video shopping Feature and get the best shopping experience with Silk Kothi. We will help you grab the best pieces of wearable artwork at unbeatable prices.

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