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Banarasi Sarees - For Weddings & More

Weddings, a celebration of love, vary according to religion, but most important is the personal preferences of the bride and the groom. But one thing remains unchanged, the love for dressing up. The female brigade leads this game and finds it the perfect occasion to adorn in the six-yard story. Sarees, we believe are traditional yet stylish and look great on every woman. It is both classy and elegant at the same time. And what would be better than pure Banarasi hand-woven sarees that oozes beauty and luxury in themselves.
Banarasi sarees are known amongst the finest sarees that have evolved as a sensation around the globe. These sarees are famous for the hand-weaving technique using gold and silver zari. Banarasi sarees are a pure hand-woven luxury and hold a special place in a woman’s wardrobe. Depending on the complexity of its designs and patterns, a banarasi silk saree can take anything between 10 days to a month and sometimes up to six months to complete. These are rightly marked as classics for a reason.
These banarasi sarees have taken the fashion world by storm in today’s time. For weddings and other important occasions, Silk Kothi’s Banarasi Saree is the go-to choice of every woman. Every time our audience looks for Banarasi georgette sarees in BangaloreBanaras pattu sarees online shopping in Bangalore,  Banarasi georgette sarees in Hyderabad, they know which website to head on. Silk Kothi, every single time.
Be it summer weddings or winter, banarasi sarees fit in perfectly. Summer weddings call for breezy and lightweight fabrics like Kora Organza, khadi georgette, evergreen chiffon, chanderi, raw silk, and tussar silk as well. Banarasi georgette sarees, especially are masterpieces and look elegant with both weaves and prints. During winter weddings, Katan silk is the most favorite of the lot with intricate weaves and lustrous texture. It is one of the finest quality silk and the most sought-after for winter events.
And if at all sarees are not your cup of tea, hold on. We have still got you covered with our exquisite collection of suits, stoles, and dupattas. The opulence of pure banarasi handwoven suits speaks for itself. Dress up in any piece from Silk Kothi’s suit collection and find yourself flooded with compliments. 
Update your wardrobe with Silk Kothi’s must-have pieces for the upcoming wedding season. You can do so by clicking on the following link - . Enter the world of authentic Banarasi luxury and find yourself amongst the most beautiful and timeless art pieces. Get started to rock this wedding season with the daintiest of sarees and suits handpicked by Team Silk Kothi.

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