As Durga Puja approaches, the excitement amongst the masses is unmatched. People get into preparations from a month before and Puja shopping is a major highlight of this period. Maa Durga is worshipped in her nine different forms and each form of Nav-Durga has its own importance and significance. 
Maa Kalaratri is worshipped on Day 7 of the nine day festivities. She is black skinned with bountiful hair and 4 hands; 2 clutching a cleaver and a torch while the remaining two are in mudras of giving and protecting she is the seventh form of Nav-Durga. Maa Kalaratri is the destroyer of darkness and ignorance.  
For this special day the fashion expert of Silk Kothi recommends a magenta pure handloom banarasi raw silk saree. Silk containing sericin is known as raw silk. This fabric is a perfect fit for any occasion. The glimpse of banarasi weaves emblazes this raw silk saree.  The aesthetics of this bold shade is glorified by contrasting green border and minute butti weaving in antique zari. The butti on this captivating magenta saree is a handcrafted luxury of banarasi silk. This saree is all things royal with its dignified look. Look your traditional best on the seventh day of durga Puja in this raw silk saree from the house of Silk Kothi. Click on the following link to buy this saree.
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