Geeta Phogat Dazzling Look in Silk Kothi's Banarasi Saree

Geeta Phogat Dazzling Look in Silk Kothi's Banarasi Saree

In a blend of elegance and power, we are thrilled to share the captivating journey of celebrated wrestler Geeta Phogat embracing the timeless beauty of our Banarasi sarees.

At Silk Kothi, we have the privilege of welcoming Geeta Phogat, an accomplished wrestler and a symbol of strength and grace.

Her visit to our store was a moment of pride as she chose our raw banarasi silk saree, showcasing her deep appreciation for tradition and elegance outside the wrestling arena. We are sincerely grateful to have a customer like Geeta Phogat, and it's an honor to serve her.

Geeta, renowned for her indomitable spirit and achievements in the wrestling world, brings a touch of traditional allure to her persona with our exquisite sarees. The union of her formidable strength and the delicate craftsmanship of our Banarasi sarees has given rise to a unique fusion of grace and power, setting a new trend that showcases the versatility of our attire.



          Geeta Phogat Dazzling Look in Silk Kothi's Banarasi Saree

Silk Kothi's Banarasi sarees, handwoven with precision and adorned with intricate designs, are a celebration of Indian heritage and culture. Geeta Phogat's choice to drape herself in our saree signifies not only a connection with her roots but also a testament to the enduring charm of this timeless attire. The grace and poise she exudes while wearing our sarees exemplify the enduring allure and versatility of our brand, making them a symbol of empowerment and beauty.


         Geeta Phogat Dazzling Look in Silk Kothi's Banarasi Saree

Geeta Phogat's choice to embrace our Banarasi sarees not only celebrates our tradition but also demonstrates the adaptability and inclusiveness of our brand. It  reflects the strength and resilience of women. We are honored to have Geeta Phogat as a part of our brand's story, weaving a tapestry of culture, beauty, and empowerment through our timeless Banarasi sarees.

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