How to Keep your Banarasi Sarees New for Years ? - SILK KOTHI

How to Keep your Banarasi Sarees New for Years ?

Want to treasure your favourite Banarasi saree for years??

Here’s some effortless modus to maintain the glamor of your evergreen banarasi.

Sarees have been an essential fashion attire for ages. Modernity has brought a lot of change in dressing, although sarees have never lost its prominence. Whether it be Banarasi or any other style, silk sarees have been in vogue, woven either with just silk yarn or in combination with different threads. Our artisans are traditional as well as modern, weaving sarees of time-honored style, a blend of two, or purely modern. Whatever the technique may be, sarees have been a furore among the ladies.

Women of all ages have a deep affection with sarees and even the youth are reflecting a commendable zeal towards this decent drape. Handloom Banarasi Silk weaves are returning in twig and is being reckoned as a status icon. The love of damsels for banarasi is intensifying day by day but they become little puzzled when it comes to taking care of it.

You feel pride in draping a banarasi silk saree at your precious junctures but are afraid about its maintenance???

Not to worry as Silk Kothi has come up with some amazing tips to guide and help you preserve the sheen and glory of your banarasi for ages. So, if you are fond of wearing banarasi but are pulling yourself back because of this fear, you can now let yourself float free and turn your chimera into veracity.

Get it Dry cleaned after drape

Always make it a point to get your banarasi silk dry cleaned in case of stains or whenever you want to get it cleaned. Never wash your saree at home.

Storing your Handloom Silk Saree

Keep your banarasi in a muslin or cotton cloth. Store it separately from other fabrics. Make a note of not using metal hangers in case of hanging your beloved banarasi silk.

Some Last Points to Take Care of Banarasi Sarees -

You can take the following measures to keep Banarasi saree new for years:

  1. Best stored in a cool place, away from sunlight, dust and moisture.
  2. Avoid spraying perfume on the saree to prevent stain.
  3. Always keep your banarasi’s in a cotton/muslin cloth. Naphthalene balls or any kind of chemicals should not be kept with the saree.
  4. Keep the front weaving part of the saree inside while folding to prevent any damage.
  5. Handwoven Silk sarees should only be dry-cleaned when necessary.
  6. It is advisable to iron the sarees keeping a soft cotton cloth on top of the material.
  7. Take out your sarees, open it, refold, and then store again in a gap of 4-6 months in case of non-usage otherwise there is a fear of the saree having cuts.
  8. Remember that you put newspaper in the middle of the saree so that it does not get wrinkled.

By following these quicky measures, you can treasure your heavy Banarasi sarees and when the time comes, it can be handed over to the next generation as an inheritance.



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