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How to Wear Heavy Banarasi Sarees ?

Heavy Banarasi sarees can be comfortably draped anytime and every time, you just have to be little chary while choosing apt banarasi for your occasion.

Ethnic attires never go out of fashion and when the desire is to have a refined trendy look, you can undoubtedly pick Silk Kothi’s handloom banarasi silk. Our sarees are weaved in a manner so as to fit all weathers, be it hot sizzling summers or cool freezing winters.

Banarasi sarees, known for its gold and silver zari or brocade, are extremely popular in India and the charm has even enveloped women residing in foreign countries. The incantation of banarasi silk sarees is so dilated that you will trace one in every women wardrobe. The best part of banarasi sarees is that they are never off the trend and is like heirloom that is passed on to generations. Wear a handloom banarasi gracefully and be a show topper at your gathering.

With the passing era, the draping style has modernised a lot. Like the two sides of the coin, here is even an argument of choice. Some prefer the old travelled style of drape while some wants to experiment their look in banarasi.

Which Banarasi Sarees to buy for different occasions?

  • If you are buying a Banarasi saree to wear at functions like wedding or you are looking for something as a bride, go for a Handloom Katan Silk Banarasi Saree. It will affix a rich-royal look to your adumbration.
  • If you are buying Banarasi sarees for summer wedding, then look for something lighter and cool like Handloom Organza Banarasi sarees.
  • For a contemporary look, opt for big border Banarasi sarees, geometric motifs or textured sarees like RawTussar, Cotton, Linen, etc. They will give you a stylish look.

How to select the best Banarasi saree for different body types?

Sarees are one of those ethnic attire that canvas the natural beauty of a woman. Since ages, this traditional love has been a centre of allurement in the Indian Fashion Industry. It is a drape that suits every body type. Although, before choosing a banarasi, be clear about the purpose of your choice. If you have to attend a normal family gathering, choose a light banarasi while for a huge gathering like wedding, choose a heavy banarasi. Moreover, a perfectly draped banarasi saree leaves a strong imprint on any and every eye beholding the look. So, you can choose any banarasi but the real magic is spread by the perfect draping style.

How to Wear Banarasi Saree in Different Style?

Banarasi sarees are a classy and elegant women clothing, so be mindful that the grace of your banarasi is preserved even on drape. You can drape a Banarasi saree in any style according to your age, body type and weight. Innumerable styles have been brought up, some of which are the pleated drape, casual or floaty drape, gujarati style, dhoti drape, the belted style (very in fashion now a days), lehenga style, the skirt drape, bengali style, the front pallu drape, cape it away drape, and many more. Choose the style that best fits your body type and look sophisticatedly flawless.

How to Reuse Old Banarasi Saree?

  • You can style your old banarasi in a new way.
  • You can transform your old banarasi into lehenga choli, banarasi kurta, dupatta, banarasi coat or cape, skirt, jackets and many more.
  • Get your old Banarasi saree made with dhoti pants and wear it with a stylish top.
  • You can also make home decor accessories like curtains, cushions, wall panels, table runners, etc with old Banarasi sarees.

8 Trendy Tips to Wear Banarasi Saree

Try these miraculous tips to wear a traditional Banarasi saree in a modern style and become a trend setter.

  1. Pair up your banarasi with a contrasting blouse.
  2. You can pinnacle your traditional draping style with a scarf or dupatta round the neck.
  3. When wearing a heavy banarasi silk saree, don’t over accessorize your look. Instead, couple up your silk saree with some light and in fashion jewellery.
  4. Style your blouse different from usual like boat neck, full sleeves, holter neck blouse, crop top, big elbow sleeve, etc.
  5. Pick the right heighted heel to be comfortable and look beguling.
  6. Get your look enhanced by adding a trench coat to your drape.
  7. You can even flaunt your look with double pallu.
  8. If you are bored of wearing your Banarasi as a saree then you can get it transformed into something fashionable like traditional gown, long skirt, long jacket, coat, palazzo pants, lehenga-choli, designer blouse, corset, scarf, and many more.


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