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INTIMATE WEDDINGS - The new normal when it comes to ‘I DO’

In a world where love and celebration go hand in hand, weddings have always been a cherished occasion. From the joyous union of two souls to the heartfelt vows exchanged, weddings have remained a timeless tradition. As the world evolves and embraces new perspectives, the concept of weddings has also undergone a transformation. Today, intimate gatherings have become a preferred choice for couples seeking a more personal and close-knit affair.



With intimate weddings becoming the new norm, intimate wedding outfits have become a category of their own, giving us all a chance to experience with our outfits. With fewer people to please, some prefer to step out of their comfort zones while others step in. Whatever be the size of wedding functions, our divas are not behind when it comes to making a fashion statement. While sarees remain a very safe and elegant choice for weddings, Banarasi silk saree for weddings is one option which looks timeless and classic, and you can’t really go wrong with it. Pick from a bright red or a purple if you want to be traditional or choose from something more offbeat and unconventional, but a saree is an option you wont regret. 

We at Silk Kothi have curated the best collection of Banarasi silk sarees for weddings, keeping in mind the present scenario. So, when looking for options to buy banarasi silk saree for wedding in Varanasi, banarasi silk saree for wedding in Bangalore, banarsi georgette sarees in Hyderabad, log on to, and gift yourself a treasure to cherish for lifetime. 

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