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Silk Kothi's Business Plan - Quality Over Quantity

The name Silk Kothi resonates with customer satisfaction in the truest sense of the word. For us, serving our customers hold utmost importance. There is no compromise over the quality of base fabrics, weaves, and textures under any given circumstances. Our expert panel checks and rechecks every piece of the garment before dispatching. We, at Silk Kothi, have a legacy of more than 5 decades for a reason.
The quality of our Pure Handloom Banarasi Sarees is unmatched and thus becomes an investment for anybody who lays their hand on it. It lives for generations to come and can be easily passed on as a family treasure.
The audience looking for pure handloom banarasi sarees in Bangalorebanarasi georgette sarees in Bangalore, and designer Banarasi sarees online along with pure handloom banarasi sarees online trusts Silk Kothi with their purchases.
Our clients are the witness to our high-end authentic products and are proud to own one themselves.
 The artisans and weavers of Silk Kothi have inherited a legacy of hand-weaving techniques and expertise from their previous generations. They are adept at serving our patrons with organic and sustainable garments. A single weave of our diligent weavers is the outcome of not just a few hours but a prolonged hard work and dedication of their mind and soul. Each of our products is the produce of our weaver’s patience. The masterpieces on our websites are brought to you directly from the handlooms of Varanasi. These sarees are weaved in various designs and on a large variety of fabrics to suit every occasion. Whether you are supposed to attend a wedding or a formal event, a pure handloom banarasi saree from Silk Kothi is the perfect pick that you need to make.
 Our clients are more than happy to be associated with us primarily because of our hand weaved fabrics. They believe, “Once Silk Kothi, always Silk Kothi”, for their pure handloom banarasi saree requirements.
The authenticity of our products has kept us unique and desired over and above our online counterparts. We don’t believe in selling more, we believe in selling right. John Lasseter once quoted, “Quality is the best business plan”, and our team at Silk Kothi abides by this policy. Our products speaks for us and attract our audience.
Team Silk Kothi focuses on quality over quantity when it comes to serving its customers on any given count. We focus on delivering what we promise and even more; Team Silk Kothi takes pride in this fact. Be a part of our loyal clientele by shopping our exquisite range of Pure Handloom Banarasi Sarees here.
Click on the link below to get a closer look at our website and the wide range of products we offer.


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