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Silk - The Pride of Banaras

What is Banaras? Everybody has a diversified picture relating it to a pilgrimage place, also known as the city of temples with ghats, innumerable lanes and street foods, banarasi paan (betel leaf), boat rides and saree lovers like me associate it with Banarasi Silk that is sure to deliver you an atrocious experience.
Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.
-------  by Mark Twain
The same goes for Silk. It is an archaic fabric that originated from silkworms and mulberry leaves that holds the highest prestige among all dressmaking fabrics. Silk is an irresistible splendid yarn that has a glossy luxurious appearance. A realm of royalty and then of the elite, the charm of this fabric is imperishable in the heart of ladies. 
In ancient times, silk was hand weaved to transform it into saree which was arduous and time-taking task but the outcome was beyond compare. Many of us might think that the increased use of powerloom techniques of making sarees and other fabrics today, have gradually brought this hand-weaving tradition on the verge of dying. But this is not the truth, a large segment of people all over the world have always appreciated and used handwoven products. The youngsters of today are also going organic and have inclination towards sustainable fashion wear. THE SILK KOTHI TEAM, are here to make every effort to preserve and promote this culture by offering an exclusive range of handwoven products straight from the handlooms of Banaras and thus keeping our traditions alive.
Modernity has brought a lot of change in dressing, although Sarees have never lost its prominence. Banarasi Silk have always been on top priority for a bridal trousseau especially for Bengali and South Indian weddings but gradually it started gaining the limelight for almost every occasion and in almost all the parts of India. Banarasi Silk Sarees stands out as a perfect attire to portray trendiness along with guarding the immemorial feels. It is not just raiment but six yards weave of delight by our skilled artisans and the Banarasi glimpse these sarees reflect, affix buyers with the beauty of this city.


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