The Classic Tale of Organza Sarees

The Classic Tale of Organza Sarees

Organza a type of low-density, thin, and light plain weave fabric was crafted primarily from silk. However, the progress in synthetic fabrics has enhanced the enablement of this fabric being made from base materials such as polyester and nylon. Since organza is so lightweight, its quality is measured in holes per inch (HPI) rather than the traditional thread count. The higher the HPI rating, the better the quality of the organza fabric.


A crisp, transparent fabric that is light and slim, Organza has a uniquely translucent texture and presents with a slight luster.  It has a sparkle to it that catches and reflects light. There is a simple litmus test to check for its purity. Before you buy one, take the saree and fold it in half and see if it is folding and staying in place without bouncing back. If it bounces back, it is not pure, it is mixed organza. If the fabric stays put, then it’s safe to conclude that it is pure. 

Organza silk is trendy due to its luxurious and ethereal appearance, making it a favorite fabric for elegant and sophisticated occasions. Its sheer and lightweight nature adds a touch of delicacy and grace to any outfit, while its crisp texture and natural shine give it a captivating allure. With a wide range of colors and patterns available, organza silk offers versatility and endless possibilities for creating exquisite fashion.


Organza Silk Sarees are predominantly crafted with neat and fulfilling rich pallus which bring a sort of extravagance to the wearer and are the current favorite banarasi sarees for wedding. The body is usually kept plain or minimalistic to help the wearer keep it simple and authentic, another reason why this fabric is evergreen. The stiffness and feel of this fabric help the designer to try their hands at multiple sculptural crafts. 

We at Silk Kothi bring a little twist to the Organza tale. The traditional designs of Banarasi sarees for weddings are now woven onto Organza fabrics to help you enjoy those breezy summer weddings. You can check out our latest collection of banarasi saree for weddings in Bangalore, banarasi saree for weddings in Hyderabad on our website

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