Weavers - A Prized Possession from Archaic

Wedding Sarees Collection

Weavers hold significance right back from the era when there were no machines for weaving. Even in the present day scenario, hand weaved products are prioritized by a major segment of the populace.

We sleep, but the loom of life never stops, and the pattern which was weaving when the sun went down is weaving when it comes up in the morning.

                                                                                                               - Henry Ward Beecher

The words of Sir Henry are galore to deliver you the strenuous job effectuated by our artisans. A single weave of our diligent weavers is the outcome of not just a few hours but a prolonged sacrifice of their mind and soul.

Weaving is a cumbersome task requisitioning suitable training and is predominantly a family vocation. Artisans have been in this realm since 5000 years. To keep this artistic work alive and flourishing, they have been passing this brilliance to their future generations. This weaving job is the primus wellspring of the weavers to persevere their amenableness towards their family.

Hand-woven sarees are crafted on a shuttle pit loom constructed of ropes, wooden beams, and poles. The shuttle is thrown from Tarsbhullar side-to-side by the weaver. Some weavers use a fly-shuttle loom that can produce different types of patterns. This demands various processes to consummate the product. Conventionally, the job of dyeingwarping, sizing, attaching the warp, weft winding, and weaving was done by weavers and local specialists around weaving villages.

The handloom industry is the second largest sector after agriculture involving near about 30 lakh weavers and is considerably increasing over time. Even the government is making efforts to reinforce this sector by formulating policies.

Silk Kothi is even attempting to contribute to this beautiful sector by bringing to you products that are a masterpiece of our artisan’s patience and hard work, straight from the handlooms of Varanasi, a city famed for the manufacturing of fine Banarasi silk. These banarasi silk sarees are weaved in variegated designs and pattern and could be a perfect pick for any occasion round the globe, be it wedding, formal event, party or any festival. Even you can be a part of this heavenly cycle by purchasing the habiliment offered by us.




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